SCRUM Components

04 August 2016

The aim of this article to give a high-level insight into the main components used within the SCRUM methodology/process/management principle. 

 Agile  SCRUM 

Portfolio: Borough Brewery Neath

16 September 2014

We were approached by one of South Wales newest award winning micro brewery.

Embrace Open Graph Metadata

22 July 2014

What is Open Graph Metadata? Open Graph metadata allows for clever interaction with social media websites. Facebook among others, use Open Graph metadata to read and extract data from your website, turning your website into a social media object.


Top tips to improve your bounce rate

07 July 2014

So you have your new shiny website, it is ready to go, actually it’s gone live. Once you have overcome your happiness and start getting use to the increased demand, you may start asking yourself – are all my website users happy, does the website meet their needs? One set of statistic which can help you answer that question is bounce rate and exit rate.


Search Engine Optimization – Key points

07 July 2014

The vast majority of the traffic to your website will be driven to you via three main sources: directly via your website address, via search engines (google, Bing, other search engines) and via social media outlets. SEO as it is commonly known, relates to how search engines find, rank and display your website to their users.