Website Design & Development

We specailise in the design, development and hosting of professional, cost effective websites.  It is no longer acceptable for a company to only have a static website, we produce user driven solutions which engage with your users. 

All  websites developed by Welsh Solutions have the following aims:

  • Provide a current and fresh online presence.
  • Provide an web accessibly solution.
  • Provide website monitoring tools and reports.
  • Improve website bounce rates.
  • Provide a cross browse compatible solution.
  • Provide a cross device compatible solution.

Every website development/rebuild is different, but to help give you a taste of the process we have outlined a typical website development.

A typical website development project

It all starts with the client. We hold a startup meeting, where the client outlines their needs and we provide a helping hand - our web/brand designer can be onhand to provide advice if required.  

Once your needs are outlined the spec is passed onto the Microsoft Certified development team.  This is where the magic happens, the clients/designers ideas are made reality.  The development team follow strict web development guidelines and best practices.

Once development have completed their work, it is passed to the test team for varification: this takes the form of functionality and userability testing.  The test team pride themselves on the ability to think outside the box.

At this stage draft website is demo'd to the client.  Usually this is the point where the client requests client specific text and content is added to the website.  

Sounds simple?  We aim to make the whole progess hasle free for the client, hopefuly you will agree.

If you want more information or advice on how we can upgrade/build your website, please feel free to contact us.