Specification-By-Example with Gherkin

16 January 2018

An excellent PowerPoint slide demostrating the use of Gherkin within the Agile methodology.


Revisiting the basics - Why we do daily stand ups…

28 September 2017

Our development teams have been practicing Scrum for well over a couple of years. It appears the scrum team and myself included, are currently going through a stage where our daily stand up meetings are nothing more than: I done A yesterday, I am doing A today and maybe B today and there is nothing stopping or impeding me.

 Agile  SCRUM 

The five scrum values

22 March 2017

A greate video explaining the importance and reasons for the 5 values.

 Agile  SCRUM 

Quick overview of SCRUM process

04 September 2016

The aim of this article to to provide a quick overview of the SCRUM process and the key elements.

 Agile  SCRUM 

SCRUM Components

04 August 2016

The aim of this article to give a high-level insight into the main components used within the SCRUM methodology/process/management principle. 

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